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Frontlit Black Back Flex Banner White Black Banner

product-code JK-PM-SAV-GLORY-FB

Frontlit Black Back Flex Banner White Black Banner


Black back banner is opaque flexible pvc and polyester yarn based printing substrate specially designed for indoor and outdoor frontlit advertisements. The reverse side of this banner is black in color, which makes it an excellent choice for advertisement where extreme opacity is required to block light from the rear and front, which can affect the clarity of the image printed. It is suited for indoor and outdoor applications such as stage backdrops, which have strong lights in the front or can be used to cover an existing advertisement with complete opacity.


Item: Black Back Banner

Surface: Glossy

Thickness: 300±10um

Weight: 340g

Grid: 500*500D

Width: 1-3.2M

Length: 50/80/100M


The white black banner is printed graphics mainly used for a stage background or projection background wall.