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24" Double-side Aluminum Street Light Pole Banner Bracket Hoop Hardware Kit

product-code JK-XH-001
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24" Double-side Aluminum Street Light Pole Banner Bracket Hoop Hardware Kit

Fast-The installation time is only need 3 minutes per pole while the traditional one need 20 minutes.
Flexible-It’s commonly used for all the national standard lamp posts(Dia. 10-17cm) but the traditional ones need to customize according to the actual diameter of the pole.
Firm-Integration of casting, fastness assurance, but the traditional ones have hidden troubles because of second welding processing.
Durable-The hoop can be reused for the whole lifespan, while the traditional one is only reused for the customized pole and Max. 5 times recycled.
Protection-Our products protect the painting lamp poles but the traditional one easily scrap the waiting off.
Smart-Small and lightweight(aluminum alloy casting) only 1.5kg, the traditional one is larger with 3kg.
Patent-2 exclusive patents while traditional one haven’t.

The new technology Xinghoo double 24" light pole banner bracket hoop kit can attach to most lampposts with the diameter of 10-17cm and street poles to display custom printed banners. They are especially designed for dual banner display, using center aluminum cast brackets to durably hold the poles. Cities and towns like to use these banner displays to show promotion information, special events and deliver messages to local pedestrians and commuters. Advertise while enhancing the ambiance of the street. These street pole displays can be a great addition to any campaign. It's a very wonderful display products.

What's Include?

Front hold hoop x 2
Back hold hoop x 2
White rubber pad x 8
Black rubber end cap x 4
Adjusting screw (screw thread 3cm) x 4
Clamping screw(configured according to the diameter of lamp pole) x 4
Cross bar rod x 2


The bracket hoop hardware kit is widely used for road light pole banner displaying.